Client Reviews

“I never thought there would come a day that I would hire a personal trainer. Ten years ago I was a certified trainer in S. FL. I have the knowledge and equipment to work out, but lately I always found an excuse not to work out. I am a 35 years old with two kids (age four and one). I have always been in shape. Being a Mom, Wife, and working full time outside the home leaves me with little time for exercise. I am always complaining to my husband that I miss being in shape and I am tired all the time. So I decided to hire a personal trainer. I interviewed three trainers in the area and I decided to go with Monika.  I first signed up for her trial session 3 for $99 to make sure she was what I was looking for. She was just what I was looking for. She is very knowledgeable by always keeping up to date on the latest exercise routines/classes. She offers a great variety of new exercises. She is a great motivator which I needed the most. Exactly what I was looking for. I just completed 16 sessions (plus the 3 trial sessions) and I can already see some results. Most importantly I feel much better about myself and there are no more excuses to not to exercise.  I highly recommend Monika as a personal trainer.”

MaryAnne C.

“My name is Steffanie R. and I am currently training with Monika 3 times a week for an hour each day. I started working out with Monika a year ago. She offered three (3) one hour sessions which gave me the opportunity to try it out before making a larger commitment. I am very happy with my training and have had very good results. Monika works you very hard but you don’t feel like you have been beat up the next day. I do get sore at times but it just confirms for me that I have worked those particular muscles. She is very supportive and offers great coaching outside of training sessions, such as extra workouts on the days I don’t see her. This helps me to complete my week of training.  Monika is very assessable and easy to talk to, if you have questions about nutrition, exercise and health, you can feel free to ask. If she doesn’t have the answer she will get it for you. She offers her opinion; she never pushes it on you. This is my first experience with a Personal Trainer and I would highly recommend Monika to any one interested in getting started.”

Steffanie R.

“As I was approaching 53 years of age I was tired of the lack of energy and physical shape I was in. I had always exercised regularly and kept my weight in range but midlife was rapidly changing my body shape and the way I felt about myself. I was really “over” having to wear “spanx” under both pants and skirts. I signed up for twice a week to train with Monika. That was December 2007. After 6 full months under Monika’s guidance, I am toned, strong, and energized. Monika has an outgoing personality and is very enthusiastic about her profession. She is dedicated and knowledgeable about fitness, training and nutrition. She developed a progressive and safe program tailored to my specific needs and goals and comes well prepared before each session to challenge me further. I would never look and feel like I do without her behind me! I would recommend Monika to anyone who wants to look and feel better.”


“I started working out with Monika of ” Live Fit” in February 2008. I stated gaining weight when my metabolism dropped after going through menopause. With Monika’s workout regimen and nutrition advice, I’ve been able to tone up, lose inches and increase my strength in only 5 months. Monika is a great trainer and works with all fitness levels which was great for me as I was a stranger to free weights. I wish I had stated earlier!!!”

Sue G.